Fraud Awareness

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Fraud Awareness: Exercise 1

Peter Smith has submitted two forms of identification for his loan application.
Can you spot the inconsistencies? 0/3

Dates of birth do not match Passport number is inconsistent Identity photographs do not match

Fraud Awareness: Exercise 2

This ATO Assessment looks normal enough, but something is not quite right.
Can you spot it? 0/1

Assessment says REFUND NOTICE yet shows a loss

Fraud Awareness: Exercise 3

Nick Appleby submitted his Birth Certificate as a form of I.D.
Can you find where this re-creation went wrong? 0/1

Certificate spelt incorrectly

Fraud Awareness: Exercise 4

This bank statement seems innocent enough.
Why don't you take a closer look at it and see what you can find. 0/3

Dates not running in consecutive order CREDIT spelt incorrectly Credits appear in statement with no year to Date amount

Fraud Awareness: Exercise 5

Pay slips come in many forms so you should always take a closer look at them.
What can you find here that is not quite right? 0/2

Employer name incorrectly listed Summary spelt incorrectly

Fraud Awareness: Results

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Exercise 5 0/2
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