Home Grown

Mortgage Industry Perspectives
November 2012 | 3rd Edition

"I think we are going to have to start managing the Australian market in a much more localised way…and that is where we are really going to see opportunities"
- Lender, non-major bank

"Consumer technology

is very strong and yet branches are still a remarkable source...even though we are providing them with this great technology, they still choose to go into a branch" - Lender, major bank

"The worst thing

we hear from consumers is ‘the black box is making a decision on me, not a person" - Lender, non-bank

"Based on a lot of research we did about 12 months ago with our prospective customers, it was extremely evident that if we were to grow…we needed to be accessible by these customers through broker channels" - Lender, non-major bank


is about data and customer intelligence and that’s where the opportunity is. Data is critical so we can use what we have in a smarter way" - Lender, non-major bank

"At the moment,

to be involved in social media is a demonstration of relevance…it’s a demonstration to the public that we are playing in their space" - Lender, regional bank