Learning and development

Genworth is committed to supporting our people build the capabilities they need for success in their current role and their future career. This includes providing a range of development strategies such as:

  • Formal courses and workshops
  • Online resources
  • Mentoring
  • Peer and manager coaching
  • Learning on the job through new and challenging work.

Higher education assistance

Genworth provides higher education assistance to eligible employees to help them expand their knowledge and expertise, develop their careers and achieve their professional goals. Eligible employees can access financial support as well as study leave to support their continued learning.

Performance management

At Genworth we believe that consistent performance management for all employees makes a significant contribution to employee engagement. We believe knowing exactly what is expected to be achieved and receiving regular feedback on progress, helps people achieve more and grow both personally and professionally. Clear goals are also important for knowing where best to focus time and energy.

Goal setting is done in partnership with managers. As well as setting work goals, employees set development goals and create an individual development plan (IDP) designed to facilitate their personal and professional growth.


Genworth's talent program identifies future leaders inside our company. Our approach ensures we uncover our best talent and new leaders quickly and effectively across all parts of the business.

We invest in our talented people through a careful and thorough two-way process, creating a tailored development plan that both the individual and their manager are accountable for implementing.

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